Re: Finally on the air #wspr #u3s #loveit

Curt wb8yyy

Well when we are no longer amazed by HF propagation perhaps we should quit. I doubt many of us get there. 

Well Albert's nifty answers points to our past, those of us old enough, receiving 10 kHz wide AM signals half way around the world, in my case signals like Radio Australia, Japan, Peking and the like. WSPR turns the tables being only a few Hertz wide, and being data I presume can be decoded closest to its noise. Using my verticals half way or more around the globe is routine with a one bs170 U3S on the middle bands. 

Radiate from whatever aerial you have with a qrpp U3S and be amazed. 

Okay my story, haven't done the math, but 28 MHz ssb 25 watts into a 1 meter base loaded whip, more dummy load than good antenna. Had qso with excellent patient op at the other end P29CC, Wycliffe missionary from my car commuting to work. 

Yes U3S, just a micro, PLL and one little mosfet is enough to span the globe. Okay to be amazed. 

Curt wb8yyy 

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