Re: Finally on the air #wspr #u3s #loveit

Albert Tatlock's Greatest Hits - Vol 1

On Sat, Sep 25, 2021 at 12:43 PM, Bertel Andresen wrote:
I'm living in Gothenburg, Sweden.
I used a be a regular at the Dancing DIngo down at Lorensbergsgatan some years ago,
and would also sit down by the River Gote with my old Sony SW100 once I had finished
work for the day.

How on earth is this possible?
From what I *thought* I knew about distance vs power, it is not, but I'm still doing it...
I have my newly built U3S finally on the air, temporarily hooked up on my kitchen table, not even boxed yet.

Welcome to the alternative side of amateur radio ;-)

The U3S is still unique after all these years.
I can't imagine life without either U3S and the collection of predecessors now.

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