Finally on the air #wspr #u3s #loveit

Bertel Andresen - SM6OES

Hi all.

How on earth is this possible?
From what I *thought* I knew about distance vs power, it is not, but I'm still doing it...
I have my newly built U3S finally on the air, temporarily hooked up on my kitchen table, not even boxed yet.
A couple of lab cables to the PS and such.
A fairly simple HFJ-350M antenna on the balcony, grounded in the railing, tuned with a simple analyzer.

At for example 20m, with about 180mW out to the antenna.
I'm getting spots from all over Europe, Moscow, Crete, Iceland, The Canary Islands AND North Eastern US.
I'm living in Gothenburg, Sweden.
6147km (WZ7I) on 180mW, 29uW/km, OK.....

I find this truly amazing.
What can one do with such simple equipment?

Many thanks to a lot of You guys that has guided me to get this far.

73 SM6OES, Bertel

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