Re: vfo/signal generator


Yesterday I found a troubleshooting article for this signal generator: very informative!  SMPS are not very friendly to this unit!  So I installed a 3200uF across the SMPS  output to get rid of spikes to the gen.  Hope that will eliminate the SMPS from being a problem.  Since I will want to do a UProc reset to get back to the diagnostic mode, I looked at the schematic to see how the reset pin to the UProc is wired. The schematic shows it is wired directly to 5Vdc!  I can't find a schematic of what is going on with the actual board supplied with the generator kit (ie the LPF relay and the polarity diode and LI, R5, and Q1, Q2, & Q3) just the general circuitry required of the circuit in question. On page 7 of the assembly manual there is a choice between  R3 or a jumper wire to be installed and I put in the jumper wire. So should I have put in the R3 resistor instead of the jumper so that I can short out the reset pin without shorting the PS? I know that shorting the reset pin should put the UProc into the diagnostic  mode, but have not seen how else to do it in the manual so far.  Maybe I'm missing something here.
Thanks for your assistance on this problem Mont, wt1v

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