Re: 20m Antenna for QCX-Mini

R. Tyson

On Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 10:40 AM, David Wilcox K8WPE wrote:
I would disagree with the hamstick idea for beginners.  The more wire you have in the air the louder the received signals and usually the bigger signal you send out.  A wire antenna can be built by anyone and hung in a tree or run up a collapsible fishing pole or kite antenna pole.  
Agreed.  Any shortened antenna is a compromise and therefore compromised. It is best to use a full size antenna and they are easy enough to make with a bit of wire... it's not rocket science. Trap antennas may be convenient if they have to fit into a space that doesn't allow for the full size version, however the traps incur losses. Any antenna that is shorter than recommended or uses traps will lose out on both transmit and received signals.  There are times where a compromise antenna is the only viable way of putting up an antenna, in which case the losses have to be accepted.

When using low power try not to handicap yourself by wasting any of that power. If there is enough space then a simple dipole or end fed antenna are very easy to make. It's also easy enough to make lightweight antennas for portable or SOTA operation.
I can't imagine why radio amateurs would want to buy dipoles or end fed wire kits when it is far cheaper to make one. I look at the prices being charged and remain baffled as to how they manage to sell them.

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