Re: Si5351A Synth kit board Rev 5 now available, fits TCXO module

Rob Giuliano

The receiver (trasceiver) used for decode is ON all the time to monitor 10m, so has always been connected to an antenna.
It is running WSJT-X, that is where the RX and Drift values came from in these posts.  (I am pretty sure that was stated somewhere.)
A friend and I were using WSPR to monitor 10m and if we see each other's WSPR beacons, we'd try and make a contact.
That was why I had the U3S on 10m when I noticed the strangeness.

That was not specifically setup to monitor for my U3S query.

Still, I don't see how ANY radio would show a jump of 50 Hz like that.  It stayed at that frequency fro awhile, then jumped back.


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