Re: Trimmer tool for adjusting trimmer capacitors

Jim Allyn - N7JA

I'm with the other Jim:   get the ceramic screwdriver set.  I bought mine from ebay, because if at all possible, I will not do business with Amazon.  (Most of you probably know why, if you don't know and would like to know, ask me.)  I saw a set of ceramic tweakers probably 40 or more years ago, but never found any for sale until recently.  The current set isn't as good as what used to be available, some of the tips aren't ground properly, some of the tips aren't set in the handle properly, and that sort of thing.  So what?  Buy two sets if you have to (I did).  I also bought a set for a friend who has a masters in Electrical Engineering, current knows little about RF, but wants to design and market radios.  So I thought I'd save him the trouble of either not knowing about ceramic tweakers, or knowing about them but not having any.  If he ever spends any significant mount of time with cheap plastic tweakers, he'll realize what a favor I did for him giving him this set.

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