Re: Question about customizing the QLG2/QLG2-SE serial data #clock #gps

Mont Pierce KM6WT

On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 11:57 PM, Alan G4ZFQ wrote:
NaviTrack has that command built in but most of the other commands need it to be used like a terminal program.
It's a little easier than a terminal program.
The text entry box has the command prefix, you add the cmd#,parm1,parm2...  and hit send.
It calculates the checksum for you as it sends it out the serial port.

Before I got NaviTrack running, I created a few dos .txt files with commands and checksums.  Then I just copy a .txt file to the com port from the dos command prompt to send it.  This is actually a bit easier as I don't have to remember the command #s and what parameters to use... 

To calculate the checksum, I used the NMEA Checksum Calculator webpage (click here).

On my setups I am asked when I start the program which, I suppose, is the same as running as Administrator.
That's cool...   Mine does not prompt...  not sure why.  

I have seen no way of saving settings. I do not think a supercap will help, it loses baud rate settings if it is powered on and another seemingly unrelated command is sent.
Yes.  When I send command 115 to select GPS satellites only, it resets the baud rate back to 9600.  It's probably doing some kind of internal reset to clear out unselected satellite tracking data.


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