Re: Hey Hey Hey, Rig is on the Way!

Arv Evans <arvid.evans@...>

It is possible to build your own current limiter circuit.  Us a good heat sink
on the pass transistor.  It is also possible to add voltage control with the same


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i am suspicious you like me have built lots of rigs. But here goes, my view is tainted by what power sources I have. 

i have certainly bravely plugged something into 20 or 30 amp supply for the first time. But safer for the project to first plug into something that sources not substantially more than receive current. I have a little HealthKit supply that is only rated at 500 ma. I adjust its current limit midway. Then check out everything except transmit. 

A large gel cell battery doesn’t current limit. Someone sent me a project once, I smoked it’s thin wire. Of course I should have tested its power connection with an ohmmeter first. Cautious proceed with whatever you have, and experimenters may wish to pick up a low current supply. 


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