Re: 10W LInear PA: Starting build - any suggestions, thoughts, comments? #10W_PA

Albert Tatlock's Greatest Hits - Vol 1

On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 04:07 AM, wrote:
Sorry, JCOT, but I've never seen that screen on my phone or computer.
Which is the point that I'm trying to make, and obviously proving, that there are 1000's
of members only experiencing online groups via the ancient email reflector mode,
and therefore missing out on a much richer knowledge base to tap into.

As Alan G4ZFQ notes, click on the link on the group messages to visit the group (make
sure you are logged in).

You'll be greeted with the website interface, a pretty message board that you can initially
use to view and filter and ongoing discussions, and a search box as I mentioned earlier.

You'll have almost 10 years of group knowledge (including the stuff imported from the original
Yahoo groups) at your disposal.

And then there's a gazillion file downloads in the FILES area, members write ups and help
notes, firmware updates yada yada. There's quite some history in there too.

There's also a CHAT facility. This is something that could also alleviate a lot of unnecccesary
group messages.  Now what do I mean by that. Well if you look at some discussions, even amonsgt
a few contributors, they are carried out in the open. NORMALLY open discussions like that even
when confined to a few members are a good thing and pretty standard fayre. But as witnessed
lately by a certain few users, there's some discussions that really ought to have switched to email
or a chat client. Open discussions about repair payments and other stuff are best taken off the group.
User groups are message boards, or what us oldies remember as BBS's (bulletin board systems).
Personally I have the strong opinion that these users groups should retain this, ethos instead of being
used as a substitute for Snapchat / Whatsapp. Anyway I think I've made my point now and I'll shut up ;-)

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