Re: C21 to "Pot Top"

John Pagett G4YTJ

I’d guess that “Pot Top” is the top of the audio gain potentiometer.
The output from the pot(entiometer) is Pot_Wiper, the third connection being ground.


On 15 Jul 2021, at 11:56, VK5EEE <vk5eee@...> wrote:

I still cannot see that neither on circuit diag nor on the physical map. One end of C21 seems to go nowhere. Not sure what "Pot Top" is. I tried each pin of IC8 to C21 no continuities. C21 is placed a bit different on mini v2 which is not reflected on the phsyical map in the PDF but may amount to the same thing as before of course just not physical orientation.

Regards power, I've not done with Mini and won't but I did with QCX-2017-v.2. Note for Hans future revision of PDF and meanwhile for the mini page, a warning NOT to put more than X volts to the DC -- the power/voltage graphs on the PDF show up to 20V and hence the message I got, and I'm sure I won't be the only one, is that 20V is OK. I had it on 19V on RX for some time but hit the key only a second or two at 19V and that was the end of the TX. 

On 15 Jul 2021, at 10:41, GIUSEPPE <iw8rsb@...> wrote:

Lou, checking well is connected on both ic9 and ic8.  I forgot but maybe I told you, never connect the qcx mini over 14v. Do not be tempted for more power, you risk going up in smoke.  73 iu8eun

Il gio 15 lug 2021, 12:31 VK5EEE <vk5eee@...> ha scritto:
Yes it is, thanks :)

On 15 Jul 2021, at 09:55, GIUSEPPE <iw8rsb@...> wrote:

it seems to me that c21 is connected on ic8.  following the diagram, take them there.

Il gio 15 lug 2021, 11:11 VK5EEE <vk5eee@...> ha scritto:
I'm just checking circuit continuity as I go along, surely unnecessary but maybe educational.

I cannot find where one end of C21 goes:

POT_TOP is shown here:

I think these are the 8 holes that connect to control board. But if I test for continuity I get nothing on any of those holes to the non-IC side of C21. Is that something that cannot be tested until later in assembly? Where could I check for track/trace continuity from the non-IC end of C21 meanwhile?

Love 30m and CW?


Love 30m and CW?

Love 30m and CW?

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