Re: QCX Mini for 17M - usability on 20M & 15M? #qcxmini

David Feldman <wb0gaz@...>

If some person with 17M QCX MINI wishes to perform experiment and consider result, that will be helpful!

I think three basic parameters of interest:

1. Receive MDS (minimum detectable signal)
2. Transmit spectral purity (harmonics and possible other spurious output)
3. DC power consumption during transmit (to see if thermal artifact in final amplifier stage due to efficiency change)

Approximate frequency ratio 18.1/14.0 = 29%, 21.0/18.1 = 16%

I do not expect optimization of performance, just curious circuit survivability and basic usability at reduced specification (=better than carry 3 radios!)

73 Dave WB0GAZ wb0gaz@...

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