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Arv Evans

In a lame attempt at humor, perhaps someone should point out
that it is a "dummy" load project.  8-/


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Perhaps it would also be better to say "do not install on the board the BNC connector is on" rather than top board, bottom board since top and bottom are relative to how you are holding it.  (I'm saying that was my error..... even though I'm sure it wasn't) HI HI.
73 Phil WA8YAN

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Note to Hans and potential builders;
3.4 Fit jumper W2-W3 on the top PCB
Fit a jumper wire at W2-W3 on the TOP PCB only.

But,  the picture shown is the bottom board with the bnc connector fitted!
Confused me for a while!!!!
73 Ken g4apb 

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