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Although Hans has a clear, written in red, statement about this. Capable, intelligent people can and do still get it backwards.  I know because I'm one of them.  A simple ohm meter check at the conclusion of the build and certainly before connecting to any transmitting device, would be to check for 50 ohms across the BNC output.

Perhaps Hans can add this to the instructions.... in spite of it's obvious nature.

Once I got it right, and after an embarrassing re-read of the red letter warning, I now have a FB 20W dummy load.... I can even use on my antique HW-8.  

Just sayin'...........


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Note to Hans and potential builders;
3.4 Fit jumper W2-W3 on the top PCB
Fit a jumper wire at W2-W3 on the TOP PCB only.

But,  the picture shown is the bottom board with the bnc connector fitted!
Confused me for a while!!!!
73 Ken g4apb 

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