Re: QCX: top row blocks on display, but CPU responds to ISP #avr #display #troubleshooting

Andrea Massucco IZ1IVA

Il giorno 24 giu 2021, alle ore 18:44, VK5EEE <vk5eee@...> ha scritto:

We’ll keep each other posted, I'm following this topic.

You can try ordering IC2 replacement from the shop at QRP Labs 6 USD or 4 something Euro. if you will need that, I'm hoping to get trouble shooting help at some point, and will let you know what happens, when I can get around to it!
I’d do it, but first I’d like to know whether it’s possibile the CPU might be partly damaged, i.e. ISP is simply accessing its internal memory but the part that should actually run the code is shot. I don’t even know if that’s possible, as I’m completely oblivious of the inner workings of a microcontroller!


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