Re: QCX: top row blocks on display, but CPU responds to ISP #avr #display #troubleshooting

Andrea Massucco IZ1IVA

Il giorno 24 giu 2021, alle ore 17:12, va3rr via <va3rr@...> ha scritto:

I had a QCX 'classic' sitting in the drawer for a year, and one of the inductors providing VCC to the 328p processor became open. I was able to upgrade the firmware, even though the 328p would not boot up...
You actually made me realize I did remove L5 a long time ago to reposition it under the PCB as per the modification appeared on , only I somehow failed to complete the mod and I’ve lost L5! So I’ve replaced it with a Schottky diode as per G3JRH’s modification. Voltages to the CPU are correct, but still no joy…


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