Re: Antenna Length with Insulated Wire


I'd say these things aren't an exact science, depending on locaton, height and other factors, just start with a too-long wire and bend it back on itself before finaly cutting it and even then leave some spare in case you need to easily lengthen it again. If it's wet, it'll need shortening for resonance, when dry, need lengthening... unless of course you get it within a happy broadband medium coverage range as required. Even depends how flat top the dipole is, usually they sag from feedline, or may be bent etc. Nothing like having fun up and down and up and down adjusting and readjusting for resonance. Then try adding additional wires for other bands that will interact and prepare for hours of up and down :)

On 24 Jun 2021, at 15:12, K2DB Paul Mackanos <paul.mackanos@...> wrote:

Just a discussion, do you shorten a dipole 5% when using 16 gauge THHN insulated for resonance or not ?
468 / 7.025 = 66.61 ft. X 95% = 63.28 ft.
Which would you use ?
Going to build one and put it up 50-60 feet.

Paul K2DB 😎

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