Re: I think a Thunderstorm just killed my QCX-mini

Christopher Maness

Thank you for wishing me well.  I was not too worried about it because thunderstorms are rare hear, but just my luck one hit today.


On 6/23/21 8:31 PM, VK5EEE wrote:

I'm not able to help, but I'm wondering if the solution to a mystery here is the thunderstorm? In my case, the TX was already not working, but the RX was fine. That afternoon, there was a thunderstorm in the area, but no strikes nearby. Antenna was plugged in and radio off. Next day at power on, blocks on the top, IC2 damaged because putting different iC2 in worked, but, no RX. 

QCX wasn't moved, same 12V PSU, so the only thing I can think of is whether it is somehow unusually sensitive to static build up? As from what you're saying this might have caused your problem. It's not easy to do a proper lightning protection, in my case it seems the station is generally not providing an easy route to ground, and the antenna is lower than other surrounding objects that are well connected to ground. 

But lightning has a lot of electricity in it and even from a distance that could induce enough volts into circuits to destroy them. 

I hope you can get help in trouble shooting, and that the damage or fault is not difficult to repair.

On 24 Jun 2021, at 01:52, Christopher Maness <christopher.maness@...> wrote:

I am so bummed, I have only had my kit going for about a week and it seems to have died.  I had it going in WSPR mode while off to the store, and I noticed a T-storm.  The last WSPR post was about the time I was driving home and seeing the lightning.  No power out so I reset it, and reset the frequency to 25MHz.  The BPF adjustment only gets a weak signal of with the exponent part at 5.  It was up to around 9 or 10 when I peaked it after construction.  It is not very loud even with the volume 100%. The background static is down now too.  Antenna is fine as it is working with other radios 100%.  What likely needs replacement?  All the processor and controls seem to be ok.  Just deaf receiver and no power out.

Thanks for the help KQ6UP 

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