I think a Thunderstorm just killed my QCX-mini

Christopher Maness

I am so bummed, I have only had my kit going for about a week and it seems to have died.  I had it going in WSPR mode while off to the store, and I noticed a T-storm.  The last WSPR post was about the time I was driving home and seeing the lightning.  No power out so I reset it, and reset the frequency to 25MHz.  The BPF adjustment only gets a weak signal of with the exponent part at 5.  It was up to around 9 or 10 when I peaked it after construction.  It is not very loud even with the volume 100%. The background static is down now too.  Antenna is fine as it is working with other radios 100%.  What likely needs replacement?  All the processor and controls seem to be ok.  Just deaf receiver and no power out.

Thanks for the help KQ6UP 

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