Re: Audio "click" during knob rotation

On 2021-06-23 15:46, Johan Bodin wrote:
Or if you like the Italian bread, which I occasionally bake myself,
0xF0CACC1A :)
I always love 0xdeafbeef on my 0xfocaccia :).

- Jerry ( sorry, couldn't resist )

I will stop contributing to this thread now since it is impairing the
signal-to-noise ratio of this mail reflector.
Den 2021-06-24 kl. 00:34, skrev Johan Bodin:
Den 2021-06-24 kl. 00:06, skrev jerry@...:
             - Jerry
On 2021-06-23 14:58, Johan Bodin wrote:
Yes, that's true in the 16-bit world. 73 + 88 = FB is true in the
world of hex :)
jerry@... wrote:
0xffff + 1 = 0

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