Re: NanoVNA and LPF?

Christopher Maness

I also had a notion that a self calibrating text fixture is probably overkill at 14MHz.  The thing assumes that the rest of the network is purely resistive 50 Ohms in both directions.  That assumption sneaks in enough variation to probably cancel out being careful about calibrating the VNA with the test fixture included.  However the cross talk cancelation may still be of value.   I am not sure how critical that is at 14MHz though.


On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 8:29 AM Christopher Maness <christopher.maness@...> wrote:
Would you guys mind doing a little write up on doing this?  I am not new to Smith charts and antenna analyzers and understand the working principle of the thing, but I will just be getting my first Nano VNA today in the post.

TNX de Chris KQ6UP 

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