Re: Arduino connection to ProgRock

Mont Pierce KM6WT

On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 08:46 AM, Hans Summers wrote:
In order for the PC to talk the ProgRock you need something to convert between 9600-baud serial data and USB. You can buy little boards for a few $. OR, you can program an Arduino to do the job. In order to program the Arduino to do the job, you have to upload a certain sketch into the Arduino, using the Arduino IDE.
Hi Syd,

As Hans mentions, yes, you can use an Arduino, but as he says, it requires loading the sketch into the Arduino IDE, and then programming the Arduino board.  The Arduino might be a good option for those who are already playing with Arduino programming and have a couple of boards laying around...  But not the best choice if you have to buy something just to convert USB to TTL Serial...

The little boards Hans mentions that convert USB to TTL Serial are cheaper, and easier to hookup and use.
Here's an example of one for about $6 on Amazon (click here).  You can also use it to power the ProgRock.

Also, PuTTY is a much better terminal program than the Arduino Monitor utility...\

When I tried the Arduino monitor, it just shows everything on one long concatenated line...
(I probably don't have it configured right, but cannot see where to change it...)


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