Re: 10W HF PA Kit: TX on Low input. How best to implement?


Hi Guys, thanks for your comments, Hans does say in section 4.4 of the 10W HF Linear PA manual;

5) Always use a Low Pass Filter between the Amplifier output and your antenna system.

and also says as you have noted, that the U3s LPF caps are rated for only 5W, so this gave me the question of what are you all using.
So what are you all using for the 50W amp?

I am surprised Hans does not offer an upgrade set of caps for the higher power LPFs if so essential. I guess for the multiband QSX when it comes out will have higher voltage ratings??

But can the cores take the power or will they saturate at some level?
What voltage caps should be used for say 20W continuous PA just to be safe?
73 Ken g4apbĀ 

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