Re: Digital AGC for QCX


Well, well, as BoPeep says in Toy Story, "I've found MY moving buddy!" I'm very glad to have found somebody talk turkey with, Joe, thank you for your extended and detailed response.
To go through your main points...
Eardrums, configurability: yes, I absolutely agree. I know I said that protecting eardrums is the primary goal,  but it is only the primary one, and relates to basic health rather than configurability/operability, and it is those two last factors - the ability to circumvent the constraints of the analog system and optimize performance that got me working on it.
Subjectivity: yes, another reason for the digitally configurable system.
Hang time: yes, I'm absolutely on that like white on rice. As I mentioned previously, I would like to be able to measure dit space automagically so I have the system optimize (optionally, of course; many folk want manual controls, and I will support that).
Break-in: ditto. Very concerned about that: my first attempt had such a fast release that it clicks. It might simply be the DC offset generated by a side tone interrupted at a half cycle, but anyway, I'm working on it.

So... bottom line, yes, I'm committing to making everything configurable in the code I'll be making available; what will be exposed  for adjustment will be a function of the packaging version: QCX+ with a dual-function handwheel encoder to replace the volume control, and free-standing version with two-line display. If I can automate some of the timing adjustments for the SOTA folk who don't want any extra hardware other than the processor board, I will.

And I absolutely will rely on you for continued input, now you've shown your cards!
Julian, N4JO.

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