Re: QCX WARC Party


Hi folks,

My 1300 session at the beach ;-)
For a change, I used my QCX Mini on the band it was built for (hi), so on 17m
Antenna a EFHW with a matching "Mini" Fuchs tuner, see picture.
The highest point was 3.2m above the sand, the low end tied to our beach tent, at abt. 1m above ground. A big crocodile clip on the BNC of the Fuchs tuner, with 4m counterpoise, hanging over the tent. A 1m BNC test cord as a coax.  Battery  12V.
Called CQ for half of the time, nil results ...
Then started tuning around, and heard NY2PO with good signals and called him once, never thinking he would hear me ... but he did !
I got a 319 from Pat, very nice. He is also an SKCC member, but not using a straight key at the time.
A bit later I heard Greg W1GF, also an SKCC'er) call CQ, and encouraged by the previous QSO, I called him, and he heard me as well, and I got a nice 559, great !
At 1359 I had one more 599 QSO with YU51ANO.
So 3 QSO's in total, but no QCX.

Lots of CQ'ing on 30m with an unmodified QCX-20, PWR 5W into 33m LW.
Only could work Zdenek OK2BQN, also using a QCX at 5W.
Then moved to 60m (with QCX 40m), also 5W into LW.
Had a nice QSO with Pete G4IOA , real 599 both ways (using 20W, no QCX).

All in all a nice day 

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