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Gary Bernard

I have 2 of them. They are great, holds a charge and they are very versatile.
Good job Talentcell.
Gary W0CKI

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Subject: [QRPLabs] Battery for QCX Mini #qcxmini

I'm just about finished building my QCX-mini 40m.  I'm very impressed with the elegant design, as well as the fit and finish of the kit - Hans has done an outstanding job.   The mini makes my original QCX look...clunky.

I also wanted to mention that the Talentcell 12V 3AH Lithium battery is a perfect complement to the QCX-mini.  They are almost exactly the same size, so you can velcro or rubber-band them together.  Just add a double-ended power connector - the Talentcell even provides an on/off switch.

The Talentcell battery may be had at 


Roger N5RWK

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