Useful info for seeing comport data QLG2 Early Windows Versions.

Alan G4ZFQ

To use the QLG2 USB link on a pre-Windows 10 computer.

Andy's Linux instructions seemed difficult but then I'm not a Linux user.
I decided to try on a Windows 7 computer.
I wonder if Ken found an easier way?

STM has a USB driver pack for versions before W10.

Preferably do this on your computer with your email on it.

Go to

Click "Get Software"

And again

Accept agreement

All I did was:-

Enter a valid email address
Tick "I have read-- Click "Download"
Name not required.

The link in the email must be opened in the same browser that you used to apply.

The readme says XP and above are included although the filenames do not.

On my W7 32 bit computer I ran the W7 32 bits exe. It said the driver was installed.
The QLG2 was not recognised.
I went to Device Manager selected the "Unknown Device" and clicked "Update Driver" "Browse my Computer.." - "Let me Pick.." - Ports COM and LPT - Manufacturer STMicroelectronics.
The driver was installed, COM port assigned.

Note here is the Navitrack software for the Ebyte module.
The Navitrack software may be used to check it, see NMEA, satellites, send commands including the update command.

On W7 you must run as Admin, W10 asks if you do not.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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