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Prepare a new DC-side cable for that HP brick, open the case, remove the
cable that you want to preserve and add the new radio cable.  That way you can go back to the original cable at a later time if that becomes necessary.


On Fri, Jun 4, 2021 at 8:55 PM jerry@... <jerry@...> wrote:
So - feeling impatient - don't want to wait for my black brick to arrive
from back east.  I have a Dell adapter rated 19.5V at 6.7A, quite
But it has this weird Dell connector, and I don't want to chop it off -
I still have the laptop.  What to do?

   The problem with the Dell adapter is that the outer barrel has an
outer and inner surface.  The outer surface is *minus*, just like most
other barrel connectors.  There is a pin in the middle, but it's a tiny
little thing, not made to carry substantial current.

   The positive end of this connector is the inner *surface* of the outer
*barrel*.  How to get at it?

   Went to the metalworking end of the shop, got out the Sherline lathe. 
Went to my bucket-O-bolts, and got a reasonable sized cheap ( crappy
steel ) bolt.  Chucked it in the lathe.  Turned down the outer diameter
to the exact inner diameter of the barrel - so it was a slip fit. 
Drilled a hole in the end so as not to touch that inner pin.  Chopped it
off the bolt, et Voila!  A temporary connector to the positive side,
suitable for clipping to with a clip lead.

   So now I can try out & set up the amplifier.

               - Jerry KF6VB

On 2021-06-04 13:52, jerry@... wrote:
> On 2021-06-04 12:20, R. Tyson via wrote:
>> I should have mentioned that Dan. The HP supplies I use to power the
>> 50w linear are old types.
> *** I think the one I bought is a "black brick".  I looked at the Ebay
> listing again, it's HP P/N 608432-003.  Googled the P/N, found it works
> with
> an "Elitebook 8560p".  Looked up "Elitebook" on Wikipedia - seems the
> 8560p
> came out in 2011.
>    So it's hopefully old enough to be OK.
>                     - Jerry KF6VB

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