Re: Amplifier build adventures

Greg Walters

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 02:13 PM, jerry@... wrote:
Instead, I used an AMASS XT60 connector. This is a really elegant, tiny & cheap connector rated at 60A continuous. Sparkfun claims that they will tolerate 65A. They have a round gold-plated pin and a round receptacle. When you plug them together, they inspire confidence. I soldered a couple of short silicone-insulated wires to the circuit board, brought them out through the "DC Power" hole, and soldered them up to the XT60.
That is a great idea, Jerry. I fly RC planes and such and use those XT60 all over those batteries. They are good connectors and can't be plugged in backwards, nor shorted (given that they were soldered correctly). I have used these connectors on other projects as well. 

I still have my QCX+ to build, and may consider doing the XT60 there as well. 

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