Re: Missing CW characters for the decoder

Guido PE1NNZ

Was also not aware of this so will add this to the usdx CW decoder where possible. Any more characters to add?

73, Guido

On Thursday, June 3, 2021, VK5EEE <vk5eee@...> wrote:
Dear Hans,

Been meaning to get around to mention the lack of characters in the decoder, if you can put you your long to do list at some point in future firmware upgrades:

Please include the following, using general conventions:

= (-...-) not "|" as this is very non-standard
+ (.-.-.)
# or [ (-.-.-) (vote from seasoned CW operators which character to use for [CT] or if possible even print [CT]
] (...-.-) (again vote as per above)
@ (.--.-.)
: (---...)
; (-.-.-.)
' (.----. and .---.)
_ (..--.)
! (..--.-) (or vice versa, vote. note that --..-- used to be ! before it was changed to , and since then there is no clear standard, ..--. normally means beginning of underline and ..--.- end of underline) but we can go with this idea, what matters is that some relevant character is printed instead of * whenever there is QRM, spaces, and even unknown characters!
! (-.-.--) this is also used as ! so perhaps a vote on it, perhaps the above two start and end of underlining should simply print an underscore since that best represents the situation where used. _LIKE THIS_
" (.-..-.)
( (-.--.)
) (-.--.-)
- (-....-)
$ (...-..-)
& (.-...) though it means standby it is sometimes also referenced as &
backspace to delete previous word: (.........)

also let's throw in the "cough" (throat clearing) ...-. perhaps as a ^ above number 6, hmm, I don't see a paragraph symbol on my keyoard, whatever happened to that, perhaps it went with law out the window?

By the way, ! which used to be --..-- also is a very useful character, was used by marine radio OPs from some countries quite widely as a "insert worst swear word in your own language here", and was usually send as M E E M and you could really pount your actual fist on the key and send that effectively when in a rage. Might be a bit out of character for amateur radio though, and hard to implement.

also some foreign characters woule be useful for French as they are still widely used in French language CW:

.--.- A with left slant above it
..-.. E with right slant above it (accent aigu)
-.-.. C with tag under it
.-..- E with left slant above it (accent grave, actually not used much)

For spanish --.-- N with a ~ above it would be good

We could accomodate many others with .-.- (A with two dots above), ---. (O with two dots above), ..-- (U with two dots above).

I guess we could include ---- (CH) though not MU---- used.

While we're at it, Cyrillic is widely used and great fun, an option to set the decoder to cyrillic?

Japanese too is widely used, that's a lot of programming too! Useful though is -..--- means "switch to Japanese" and ...-. means "switch back to international CW" so at least you have a "switch".

I guess adding Arabic and Thai and a few others would be pushing it? After all I'm not aware of them being used at all any more, Arabic gone with the Sudanese foreign ministry and embassies switching off CW.

Thai I don't know when it disappeared, perhaps when telex and teleprinters came into being. Not sure if it was ever used by the post office, but I hope so.

Love 30m and CW?

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