Re: CQ WPX CW 2021 with QCX+

Roelof Bakker

Hello Christi,

30 years ago, I have done some QRP contesting using a rather complicated transceiver for 80 and 40 meter
of my own design. It was a double conversion superhet with an x-tal filter at 1400 kHz, 2500 Hz wide and
a second one on 250 kHz, 500 Hz wide. It could have been made much simpler, yet I wanted to use the
filters at hand. The QCX is a far more elegant design.

In fact, I have participated in last weekend WPX on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 m with 5W from a FTdx3000 into
a 2 x 16 meter doublet. Never used a computer for contesting before, so had to become familiar with N1MM
contest software and only used S&P. Logged 260 Q's in a limited time span and this was much easier than
anticipated. There are a lot people on the bands with good ears!

The last 18 years, I have had a lot of fun chasing non directional beacons at longwave which typical use
a keying speed of 10 WPM or less. Contest exchanges are at the other end of the speed spectrum, though!

Anyway, contesting is just another way to test one's station, operator included.

Roelof, pa0rdt

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