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Make this one from dowels and boards, with a rubber band to
hold things tightly.  Szw of file a small notch to hold the PCB.


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Great advise thanks.  I already have everything except the panavise.  Swaps are starting to pop up again now so maybe I can pick one up soon.

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Phil, welcome aboard! I just completed my first QCX Mini last week and I'm having lots of fun with it. My three recommendations:

  1. Get a "Panavise" circuit board holder (or similar). You can never have enough hands.
  2. Get a tiny soldering iron, skinny solder, and de-soldering braid (if you don't already have them)
  3. Get a magnifying hood, goggles, or desk-mounted magnifier, along with a jeweler's loupe. 
Mine fired up on the first try and tuned up easily. I get 4 watts @ 12v (5 @ 13.8) and make lots of great contacts. If I can hear them, they can usually hear me.

73, Steve

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