Re: QLG2, LOVE It!

Greg Walters

I agree 100%, Jim,

I just got mine yesterday. Slapped it together overnight. I haven't done the firmware yet, but got it plugged into my computer. 

I have a metal roof, so GPS lock took a bit longer, but worked good on the Clock kit. 

I may recommend the clock kit for your SORA/POTA stuff. It does all you asked and more. I upgraded my clock kit with a 4 line display. I have my name, Call, and GPS status on the top line.
Second line is alternating GPS location (Lat) and time (Local).
Third line is alternating GPS location (Long) and time (UTC).
Fourth line is the number of satellites, my grid EM77NX and the altitude. 

I have another clock or two, plus a QCX+ to assemble once I am done with school (Late June). 

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