Re: QLG2 Failure

Rick Williams - VE7TK

At the moment, failure with my QLG2 lies in the hands of TNT. It left QRP-Labs HQ and followed the path described by Hans to Belgium. Once it left Belgium things went somewhat sideways. After leaving Europe the tracking, as others have described, is a bit sketchy.

Missing from the tracking is any indication of CITY or COUNTRY. Here's the latest information (28/04/2021 - 09:50 local)

26/05/2021, 04:09                                 Shipment arrived at TNT location
25/05/2021, 22:49                                 Shipment in transit
25/05/2021, 12:36                                 Formal customs clearance required
25/05/2021, 07:37    Grace-Hollogne    Shipment in transit

As can be seen the QLG2 has arrived at a "TNT location". And, after 2 days of radio silence, there it sits without a hint as to where that location might be?

I am optimistically thinking the package is somewhere in Canada. It could be in St. John's, Newfoundland (5,000 km east of me) or in Vancouver, BC (100 km east of me). Time will tell!

Sigh ......

73, Rick


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