Re: QCX+ Build Progress

Bob M.

Regarding resistor colors, beware of the subtle difference between orange and red. The orange 3rd band on a 47k resistor and the red 3rd band on a 4.7k resistor often look identical. If you are missing one part, check all the others with similar first two bands. Even if you measure every resistor you can still misplace the decimal point depending on the meter and range it uses. The violet color for "7" also often looks like a dark blue or even black. I gave up trying to view the color bands and use my DMM exclusively when building kits with resistors smaller than 1/4w, and even those are sometimes a problem.

The last kit I built had over 100 parts in it. I dumped them into a big bowl and removed the larger parts that would get installed at the end. That still left a lot of resistors to go through. I would just pull one out, measure it, then find a place where it had to go. This was NOT a QRP-Labs kit and there were very few instructions, other than to install the shorter parts first and go to the taller ones at the end.

I've been building kits since the 1960s. Heathkit always did a great job by putting all their resistors on cardboard carriers in the order you would install them. Also, they were 1/2w carbon composition, 10 or 20%, easy to read, and the manuals would have the resistor colors listed next to the designation, so it was almost foolproof.

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