Re: QCX+ Build Progress

Alan G4ZFQ

RECEIVE: here we have a problem. Deaf as a door nail. That is to say, very weak signals at best on the strongest. No S meter variation. So, I checked from the underside of the PCB the ends of the toroids, to see that there was continuity on each. All good, except perhaps L2 which was a little ambiguous, so I touched up the solder, now no issue. Went to RX on antenna: an great S meter deflection at full volume, where before there was none. Before I could plug in headphones to have a listen though, it went back to being deaf as a door nail. Assuming that it wasn't deaf a little earlier when there was nice normal S meter reading.
Does this occur using the BPF peak test?
If not then antenna connector is the only thing this test does not test.
Otherwise look at the schematic LPF, C33 Q5 etc for bad joints.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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