Re: Park Mode and Frequency #calibration

Alan G4ZFQ

Yes, GPS data shows and time is set correctly, LEDs on QLG1 light up.
It seems that for some reason the PPS is not reaching the U3S. If your meter has a bargraph it will show the pulses. Other ways an analogue meter or scope.

When you suggest having a receiver to monitor
transmissions, do you mean to see if I hear the signal at the frequency I've selected?
Yes, if you send the audio to WSJT-X you can receive WSPR from others. Once you have done that then remove the antenna and check your own transmissions.
Your settings seem OK to me.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

Here are my settings:
0] 0  007,040,140
WSPR    23  3
Call K6YDS (no space at end)
Locator CM98DN
{Frame Start} 10 12 (have also tried start at 240. When heartbeat was showing and it was calibrating, got down to 1)
GPS {Mode Baud} 2 009,600
GPS {Info Check} 0 1 (have also tried 0 0)
Cal {Step Time} 10 010
Park {Mode Freq}  0 000,000,000
Sys Freq 20,000,000
Ref Freq 27,004,020

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