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The calculator function at will calculate how much wire you
need for each size core and for each number of turns around that core.


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    Found a smidge of spare time to start building the QCX+ yesterday. 
First task - RF transformer T1.  The procedure in the amazingly detailed
Heathkit-level manual did not quite work for me.

    I stuck the first wire through the core...  OK, start winding. 
Whups, the roll of wire won't go through the core.  Unless I want to
unroll ALL the wire and pass it through the coil on every turn, I need
to cut off a chunk.  How much will it need?  I made my guess, cut off my
chunk of wire, and started winding.

   Did the complete long winding.   Did the first short winding.  Ran out
of wire.   OK, we still have the whole coil of wire at the BEGINNING end
of the long winding.  Made my guess as to how much wire the two other
short windings would need, cut the wire again.  Wound the other two
short windings from the second end of the long winding.

   It wasn't THAT big a deal, but it would have been nice if the manual
said "Cut off 5 feet of wire" or somesuch.

   To keep the now-crowded windings straight in my head, it was useful to
note that each winding had an "upper" ( wire coming off the top ), and a
"lower" ( wire coming off the bottom ) end.

   The procedure for soldering the wires worked perfectly.  I was so
happy not to have to scrape the wires with knife or razor blade.

   As I wound, I thought of an urban legend that I heard as a tech in
Silicon Valley:

  "Hewlett-Packard doesn't fire engineers.  But if they don't like you,
you'll find yourself in a corner winding toroids until you get the
message and quit."

             - Jerry KF6VB

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