Re: Antenna Tuner

William Jenrick

I agree!. You get what you pay for. Mine started smoking while trying to tune it up. Thank, whoever's God you pray for, that I did not wipe out my QCX +/Mini final stage!!!!!

On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 2:17 PM Leland L. Bahr <w5drc@...> wrote:

This is a piece of crap.  The toroid is fake and not even a type 2 red core, just painted red.  This thing is super inefficient.  Most of your power will go into heat.  I threw mine away.  Pure Junk.  A waste of money.

Lee, w0vt

On 5/22/2021 1:25 PM, K2DB Paul Mackanos wrote:
Thx, I just ordered one !
Paul K2DB

On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 11:41 AM Trystan G0KAY <trystandavies+nodirect@...> wrote:
Here's the one I got, it arrived in around ten days from China to the UK:


William Jenrick 

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