Re: QCX Mini CAT control for CW with N1MM


Hi Nicolas, I am using cw type with my qcs mini for 20 mt.  I am sending you some photos of the circuit I have built.  NB: the blue jack goes to the cat, the black one to 73 de IU8EUN Giuseppe.

Il lun 10 mag 2021, 19:53 <> ha scritto:
Hello! I am trying to figure out CAT control for using the QCX mini with the N1MM logger. I have it hooked up to the computer using a USB to 3.5 and it works to control the frequency of the QCX. However, when I try to send CW from N1MM, it says "Unable to send CW because there is no CW port set in Config. I have the COM port set correctly and CW checked. I've also bought a 2nd cable thinking that I may need to go from the paddle jack to the computer. Do I need 2 cables or 1? How many ports should be set up in N1MM? At this point I am just very confused. Can someone please help - thank you!!!  Here are the cables I have:   

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