Re: OCXO/Si5351A Calibration/Testing...Wierd Failure!! #ocxo

Lee Hooper KG5VU


Thank you for the comments and suggestions.  

In my unit, I feed 12 VDC to the enclosure which then feeds a home-brew 5VDC supply with a basic LM317 circuit.  I will start by adjusting the pot to raise the output voltage a bit.  If that doesn't do it, I guess that I will test using a second 5VDC supply for the heater circuit.

I can easily imagine that I did advance R21 too aggressively.  How long did it take you to adjust R21 properly.  Hours I suppose???  (I saw another comment on the Group where someone shorted C1 and another that reduced R3 to 100K.  Perhaps one of these can be my backup plan.)

Thanks again,  Lee

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