Re: Blown 78M05


You could use a 5v cell phone battery charger to temporarily substitute for the blown regulator section.  

On Friday, April 30, 2021, 12:14:54 PM EDT, Daimon Tilley <daimontilley@...> wrote:

Having sucessfully built my latest QCX Mini (for 40m) this week, I today blew a hole in the front of the 78M05 - not quite sure how, but I must have shorted something. It is a REV2 board and I have ordered some new regulators from eBay. It was not reverse polarity and that diode is still OK. The question is - am I likely to have damaged anything else, or do I need to wait until switch-on to find out? 

Only asking in case others have done this and found damage elsewhere - so I can order in any likely parts in advance.


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