Re: 50 Ohm Dummy Load Extension #dummyload #power meter #dummyload #power


Hi Vojtech. There are many commercially available power/SWR meters out there that I could buy, but that is not my point. I want to have fun building something useful for my own use, and if someone is interested to do something similar, I would be happy to share information. I am not in business for ham equipment, and I leave that to professionals like Hans. By the way, I got caught with a fake Chinese copy of theĀ  Adafruit 16 bit AD converter ADS1115. It only converts 12 bits and leave 4 LSB zero. I got it from Amazon some time ago. Just a warning if you want to copy! Now I ordered replacement from Adafruit directly. I need these extra bits to obtain reasonable accuracy in the single bit dBm range.

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