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Vojtech Bubnik

Seeing your digital power meter, I would like to point to my self-powered Tayloe style digital power meter / SWR bridge design. The design is open and well documented and it IMHO a perfect companion to a small QRP rig that does not contain a SWR bridge.
BlinkySWR/ at master · bubnikv/BlinkySWR (
Here is a picture of the prototype
bubnikv/BlinkySWR: Tiny, cheap, simple, accurate, self powered resistive SWR and power meter for SOTA and back packers (
and description of the design process
BlinkySWR/design at master · bubnikv/BlinkySWR (

I am not sure whether promotion of own products is allowed, I don't think I compete with any of Hans' products. If this is a problem, Hans please delete my post. The BlinkySWR could be purchased at BlinkySWR (
However the design is simple enough to be replicated. To be self powered, the LEDs need to be high intensity red ones and the linear regulator is quite special, it is a low quiescent current, low drop and high voltage type.

73, Vojtech OK1IAK

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