Re: info connection QCX MINI 20 mt. pc for cw transmission

Vojislav [YU4HAK]

I just got the QCX mini kit yesterday, but it will take a few days to build it, and then some more months before my Morse code is (hopefully) any good to use it.
Until then, here is my take on computer asissted cw sending. 
I used a Raspberry Pi Pico (much easier to work with than Arduino), conjured up some python code from snippets all around the net, and got it to read keyboard input from PC and properly key a radio (1usd Pixie qrp). It works from an Android phone with an OTG cable and serial terminal software as well. Interface is basically a NPN transistor used as a switch, although I would use an optocoupler if I had any. I will draw a schematic later. As you can see in the picture, the horrible splattery thing is the code being created with keyboard and Pico :) 
It is still a work in progress, there are bugs and ui is nonexistent, but even in this state it seems usable to me. I won't try it for real yet, as I don't want to litter the ether with a Pixie, but as soon as I build QCX mini I will give it a go.
The code is here:

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