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In my belief the alternative is the promise of a new body (which I desperately need) but I would have to wait for most of my friends to arrive to play radio and possibly get a “flame suit” to visit some of them that have already become silent keys.  Ha! (Gentlemen, this one has my tongue firmly planted in my cheek).

I would now be satisfied with a few larger memory chips and a USB socket on the side of my head.

An old story:  years ago I had a Palm Pilot (remember those?) and the later ones had a slot for an additional SD card memory chip.  My wife called me at work asking if I had “lost my mind”.  Apparently my Palm Pilot had fallen off my belt while preparing for work.  It had fallen out of my belt clip and when it hit the floor the memory chip SD card had popped out. I picked the Palm up and put it back in the clip without thinking about the SD card.   She found the SD card on the bathroom floor.  

There was enough internal memory that the programs I had used that morning functioned well without the SD card. Now my iPhone has more memory than I do. I just have to remember which app to go to to retrieve what I need. 

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On Apr 16, 2021, at 2:58 PM, jjpurdum via <jjpurdum@...> wrote:


Getting old is not fun!

True, but then, neither is the alternative!

Jack, W8TEE

On Friday, April 16, 2021, 2:53:49 PM EDT, Arv Evans <arvid.evans@...> wrote:


For some of us it is a memory issue, instead of a lack or knowledge.
Getting old is not fun! 

FYI, if you want to solder to a chrome plated item, you can electroplate
a thin coat of copper over the chrome plating.


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Cr plate - chrome plate - solder will refuse to stick to chrome plate period.. but sometimes this is not a blessing  and in that case the Chromium has to come off so the solder can see th steel underneath and get good heat transfer.

Cu - copper.   so copper slug.  I was just abbreviating for speed.  I thought everyone knew the metal symbols from the Periodic Table.  Perhaps I am from another era :-))  TEF

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