Re: ***** QCX WARC Party *****

John Pagett G4YTJ

Only one QSO on 30m for me, and that was a 599 TU 73 job. No fun in those!


On 12 Apr 2021, at 18:38, Chris Wood via <g4cws@...> wrote:

Report from the 1300Z session on 30 metres from southern England:

5 contacts in total including, very pleasingly, my first 30m QCX to QCX contact with OK2BQN.  Delighted to work you for the first time Zdenek.  

Other non-QRP contacts:  IZ4GSC, DM2BRF, S57V and EA3AZ.

Overall, the best party session I've had on 30!  Very happy.

Chris  G4CWS

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