Re: OLG1 gps to QCX+ confusion



The first thing is to plug in just the PTT jack (assuming you have +5V and Ground wired up0 and check that the RED LED comes on.  This shows that the GPS board has power to it. Then leave the unit (preferably in an area that has reasonably good sky view) for some time so that the GPS receiver can start tracking satellites.  You know this is OK when the yellow and green LEDs are flashing every second.
IF this doesn't happen, first steps in troubleshooting would be to check with a voltmeter that you have power between pin 14 (+5V) and pin 7 (0V) of IC1.  Also check the voltage to the GPS module, You should get about 3.3V across C4. or +3.3V on pin 23 and 0V on pin 24 of the GPS module.  You also need to have the battery voltage on pin 22 (a little under 3V) otherwise the GPS module won't work.
If those check out OK, you've probably got some sort of soldering issue - bridged pads or poor connections so go over all the soldered joints carefully.  Just one point, I had a problem with the plated through holes on the 4 way connection pads - I initially tried soldering to the pads on the top of the board only but found I needed to put the wires through the holes and solder both sides.
Good luck!

Peter Lee

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