No sidetone on QCX #qcx #sidetone


There is no sidetone but only a slight hum  and key click  when keying the QCX.  This is a new fault which may have been caused by accidentally keying the rig without an antenna for about 2 seconds.  

I searched the archives but nothing came up regarding this problem.

The QCX sounds fine on the air and the RX is OK as well.

I changed Q6 as I thought that might be the problem.  And while I was at it, I updated the firmware to 1.07a. There is sidetone coming from the micro on R59  according to the scope.

Perhaps 🤔 the RX/TX transistor  Q5  is the problem?    I hate to change parts without understanding  the root cause.


Next  step suggestions most welcome.

73, Bernie, VE3FWF
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