Re: Mini Audio is very low and distorted...

howard winwood G4GPF

look to the builder not the components.

On 5 Apr 2021, at 19:45, ke9uw <c-hawley@...> wrote:

Just built and get bad audio.
Everything else works...programming, IQ, etc. 
Puts out 5 watts + key down.
Sidetone turns on when transmitting.
Weak hum and noise audio when not transmitting.
Some tone when doing the calibration at IQ, etc.

I checked IC10 voltages and get:

1-11.67 vdc
2-11.67 vdc
3-11.5 vdc
4-0.00 vdc
5-9.08 vdc
7-11.5 vdc
8-13.72 vdc
So not so good.
I'm getting plenty of sidetone when turned on in transmit from the volume control, etc.
Turning the volume control up all the way shorts out the AC from the wiper on the pot though.
What do you think? Bad OPA1122? Anybody been able to get in there and replace IC10?
Seems odd to get a bad opamp right out of the box.

Its kind of tight without unbuilding a few things.

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